Promo site

A small website that basically consists of one or several web pages and contains main information about an organization, a private actor, a company, their goods and services as well as their price-lists and contacts. Promo sites are often used by companies that choose not to bear heavy expenses for creating single website.
Our prices for creating websites of this type start from €150 and depend on the complexity of its design.

Corporate site

A large-scale representative website of a company or an organization that enhances functions of a promo site. As usual, a promo site corresponds with the needs of a small business company at the question of its representation on the Internet and corporate sites are created by the companies and organizations of larger size. A corporate site is also called a virtual office of the company because visiting that type of websites is equal to communication with the personnel of the head office.
Process of creating of such type of websites is more complicated, that’s why prices here start from €300 and depend not only on design but also on functionality.

Online Store

A website that sells goods through internet. It allows users to set an order through their browser, to choose a method of payment and shipping and to make a payment, for example, using electronic money. Generally speaking, an online store is an enhanced version of a corporate website that not only gives users an insight view into goods and services of a company but also permits them to by those products.
Functionality of an online store may vary greatly depending on many factors and that’s why it is hard to set an exact price for it. Our prices here start from €400.

Social networks, forums and others

You are going to create a social network and to make millions as the creators of Vkontakte or Facebook or maybe you want to own your personal online game? If you’re in need of a special site that doesn’t match any type of ordinary websites that were represented then we are ready to create it.
We can set a price for that type of projects only after a meeting with you, but have no doubt – it will be an attractive price!

Website support

We are always ready to take charge of your website for you not to worry about its workability. Also our specialists may update information as required, add goods into your online store, raise purchase orders and promote your website in search engines. And all you will have to do is to get profit from your resource.
Our website support prices start from €75 per month and depend on quantity of tasks that you will give to as. But you can be sure that expenses will pay off.